This Morning: Bus With Over 40 passengers Falls 150 Meters Into The Chungara River, Leaving At Least 5 Dead

A rough translation of the article, published this morning in La Razon newspaper:

A bus with more than 40 passengers falls into the Chungara River, leaving at least 5 dead.  The public transportation bus fell approximately 150 meters.  According to the mayor of Icocha, Ramiro Orellana, the accident occurred as a consequence of a collapse in the highway.

A public transportation bus fell into the Chungara River, near the town of Ichoca, 230 kilometers from La Paz, leaving at least 5 dead, according to a report this morning by the mayor of Ichoca, Ramiro Orellana.

Through various means of communication, he reported that the vehicle fell into the river with over 40 passengers inside.  At first he said that it occurred due to carelessness of the driver, but later clarified that the bus fell with the driver inside due to a collapse in the road, noting that his earlier report was “made out of nervousness.”

He reports that at least 5 people have died, although he warned that the number could rise due to the water level and the lack of equipment to help the rescue efforts.  Of the dead, he mentioned that there were two doctors who had arrived to Ichoca to help distribute public welfare money to poor women.

The mayor explained that one of the passengers died when she was being transported in an ambulance.  “We don’t have the necessary equipment to raise the bus out of the water, it’s difficult due to the surrounding terrain.  We need help to transport the injured to the hospitals and look for those who are missing,” he demanded.

According to Orellana, the accident occurred at approximately 03:00 this morning.

One response to “This Morning: Bus With Over 40 passengers Falls 150 Meters Into The Chungara River, Leaving At Least 5 Dead

  1. Steve, It is so important that you are gathering this data. It is the relentless nature of this genocide in slow motion that is of absolute importance. Liz

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